Stump Grinding: What is it?

Stump Removal in Staffordshire, ShropshireA tree stump can be removed by grinding the stump, which is the most effective method for removal. Compared with traditional methods, such as digging by hand or using diggers, winches, and other machinery, this method is less labour-intensive and involves less disturbance of the ground. Grinding stumps eliminates wasteful work and minimizes the ground disturbance.

In addition to being unattractive, tree stumps often attract fungi and parasites to your garden. Using the various stump grinding machines operated by our qualified tree surgeons, we can remove large or small tree stumps of any size.

This is an efficient way to remove a stump, offering advantages such as allowing for replanting where the tree once stood, or creating the foundations for outdoor buildings and slabs.

All stumps are mechanically ground to the required depth using our self-propelled Vermeer 222 hydraulic stump grinder. Vigorous stumps can be poisoned. Japanese Knotweed spray programs are also available.



Decorative Tree StumpWhy do stumps need to be removed?

Grinding stumps is a common arborist service. Usually, after a tree is cut down, removing the stump is the next step. The stump is sometimes retained in the ground to serve as a centrepiece in the garden. As long as the stump does not cause any obstructions, it is perfectly safe to leave the stump in the ground.

A tree stump may need to be removed for the following reasons:

  • Injury risk associated with tripping hazards;
  • The presence of stumps in the garden reduces the amount of space available for landscaping;
  • A diseased or decayed root system of the felled tree has been exposed;
  • A future structure cannot be built on top of it;
  • Tree stumps are not to everyone’s taste.

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Our goal at Gavin Tree Specialists is to provide our clients with the best stump removal service possible. Our job is not done until our clients are 100% satisfied.

Furthermore, we like to manage expectations, which is why we are completely transparent with our flat rates, with no hidden fees. We provide the same day quotation for tree stump removal in Staffordshire, Shropshire and the surrounding counties.


Gavin and his team had no issue removing multiple stumps from our garden after tree felling. They made light work with their stump grinder and cleaned and tidied up after. Fab job!

Barbara I, Telford

I completed a quote request form online to have two tree stumps removed from my front yard. Since it was an affordable price, I booked the work for the following day. Everything was done very quickly with their machinery with no fuss. They responded quickly and provided great service. I would highly recommend Gavin Tree Specialists.

Peter M, Shrewsbury

Gavin did an excellent job. My stumps were well taken care of by him. He was very nice and did a very good job. As I was going to replant on top, I requested that they be ground deep. That’s exactly what he did. He had an impressive grinder. Look no further if you’re looking to remove a stump. On the website, you can input your details and upload some photos of the stump you wish to remove to get a quick quote. The quote is returned promptly. The service was excellent and I would recommend him to my friends.

Thomas S, Staffordshire

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