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Bridgnorth Tree Surgery Services

Our tree surgeons in Bridgnorth and surrounding districts are fully qualified, fully insured, and highly experienced in all aspects of tree surgery.

We are providing professional, friendly and competitive services across the midlands from our base in Bridgnorth. Our arborists hold NPTC qualifications, and all our team leaders have a national diploma in arboriculture.

As a tree services company with many years of experience pruning and removing trees, we can ensure that all work is completed safely.


Tree Felling & Tree Removal

A tree may have to be chopped down if it is infected with a disease. Our tree surgeons assess before any cutting is done to make sure trees land where they are supposed to. A tree’s weight and unpredictable nature can make it hefty, requiring considerable skill to manoeuvre it.

Sectional Dismantling

The idea of felling a tree in one piece is impractical in confined spaces. Our approach will be to climb the structure and remove it branch by branch. There is a method to the process, which takes a long time and is used when trees are close to property or dangers. If your tree is located near your house, we will remove it section by section.

Crown Raising

Trees have their most branches and leaves near the crown. The amount of sunlight reaching your home will be reduced if a tree is not trimmed. It is possible to balance a tree by simply removing the lower branches instead of cutting it down. Tree health is improved by maintaining the natural appearance of the tree.

Crown Thinning

Trees can be reduced in density by taking branches from their crown. Thinner trees let in more light and make them appear more natural. In addition, they have less wind resistance. The more branches there are on a tree, the more likely it is to blow over; imagine them as sails on a boat.

Tree Crown Reduction

Using professional tools, one of our certified arborists will trim the branches and foliage inside the tree. In contrast to crown raising, interior branches are removed in this process, limiting a tree’s height. As a result of this size reduction, the tree retains its natural shape but looks smaller.


Branches do not always fall from trees which can leave trees vulnerable to pests and diseases. The limb of a tree can fall and cause injury to a person. By simply cutting out the deadwood, we are preventing the tree from succumbing to disease.


Changing the size of trees by pollarding is a method of reducing their growth. You can prevent your trees from getting too large by doing this, primarily if they are located near a road.

Hedge trimming and shrub shaping

Hedges provide a beautiful boundary for a property or garden when they have correctly been cared for. Their many varieties make them attractive focal points in outside spaces when they are properly maintained. Our arborists can easily tame Hedges that are overgrown and untidy. In an uncontrolled state, they can be an eyesore. With regular pruning and shaping, we keep them under control.

Overgrown Gardens Cleared

It can be challenging to get rid of an overgrown garden, even for the most dedicated amateur gardeners. Overwhelmed by work is not a real thing, and here in Bridgnorth, we have cleared our share of nightmare forests as well. It can be daunting to remove densely grown bushes and shrubs, so let’s take care of that.

Choosing Gavin Tree Specialist will ensure you receive expert, reliable tree care in Bridgnorth.

Our outstanding reputation and wide list of satisfied customers make us the best Bridgnorth tree surgeon around. We are here to help you if you are looking to manage your green space.

As a team, we always work together to complete the job correctly from the beginning by avoiding invasive techniques. We will send a tree surgeon to meet with you to determine your needs and tailor a custom plan to meet those needs.

Recycling all of our waste is how we protect the environment. By taking good care of your garden, you will ensure its continued health and vitality. Relaxation and enjoyment are important aspects of a garden. There are a lot of reasons to consider garden maintenance since it increases the value of your property


Having Gavin remove our ash tree was an excellent experience. During the removal process, he made sure to clean up after himself and his crew. He did a great job.

J Marcus-Wright, Bridgnorth

Gavin Tree Specialists handled the trimming of an overgrown tree near our house. I highly recommend their services.

Thalia G, Bridgnorth

An unsightly hedge occupied a lot of our garden space. After it was cleared, Gavin and his boys planted some trees for us. These folks deserve all the praise.

Polly H, Oldbury

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