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Relax in your garden with your family, and make it a haven from the world. A garden should be enjoyed by everyone, but family commitments make it difficult to enjoy one.

The trees in a garden can become diseased, block light, or even endanger their health without proper care. We will transform your old tired garden into something beautiful that will be admired by everyone with our Oswestry tree care service. Our services include:


The Felling and Removal of Trees

It may be necessary to cut down trees infected with diseases. Our tree surgeons will inspect the site before any cuts are made to ensure the tree lands where it should. In addition to their hefty weight, trees require considerable skill due to their weight and unpredictable nature

Dismantling Trees in Sections

In areas with limited space, trees that can’t be felled in one piece are not practical. As soon as we have analyzed the tree, we will climb it and take it apart, branch by branch. When there is local property or another tree or hazard, this is a slow and methodical process. If your tree is located near your house, our team will dismantle it section by section.

Crown Raising

The majority of a tree’s branches and leaves are found near the crown. Trees will prevent sunlight from entering your home if they are not trimmed. In lieu of cutting down a tree, its lower branches can be removed and its balance restored. Tree health will be improved by preserving the natural appearance.

Crown Thinning

It is possible to lower the density of a tree by taking branches out of the crown. It makes them appear more natural to thin the trees as more light is allowed to penetrate. Thin trees also reduce the trees’ wind resistance. The more branches there are on a tree, the more likely it is to topple. They’re like sails on a boat; the more there are, the more likely it is to blow over.

Reducing the Tree Crown

As opposed to crown raising, this technique involves removing branches from inside the tree to limit its height. During this process, one of our expert tree surgeons will remove the branches and foliage from inside the tree. Despite maintaining its natural shape, this reduction of size causes the tree to appear smaller.

The Deadwood Technique

There are times when trees don’t lose their branches. In such cases, they are more susceptible to pests and diseases. People can be injured when a tree limb falls. The goal is to protect the tree by removing deadwood to prevent disease.


By pollarding trees, a person limits the size of trees by removing branches from them. This is particularly handy if the trees are close to a road, as you can keep them from getting too big.

Pruning, Shaping of Hedges and Shrubs

Hedges can be a beautiful, picturesque boundary around a home or garden if they are properly maintained. Hedges that are untidy and overgrown can be easily controlled by our arborists. Depending on the size and shape of the hedge, they can become beautiful garden focal points when managed correctly. When not managed, they can be unsightly. We keep them under control by pruning and shaping them regularly.

Garden Overgrowth Cleared

Getting rid of an overgrown garden can be difficult even for the most dedicated amateur gardener. We have cleared our fair share of nightmare forests at Oswestry, so there is no such thing as being overwhelmed with work. It can be tricky to remove densely grown shrubs and bushes, so let’s handle it together.

Our tree services in Oswestry are second to none. Find out why Gavin Tree Specialists is the best in the industry.

Our tree surgeons are the best in Oswestry. There are many customers who refer us to their friends and family. With years of experience and a friendly team, we can assist you with your green space. Our goal is to ensure that every job is done right the first time. For this reason, we do not use invasive techniques. In consultation with you, our tree surgeons create a plan tailored to your needs.

Recycling all our waste helps protect the environment. By taking good care of your garden, you can expect it to remain vibrant and healthy for years to come. There are many benefits associated with a well-kept garden, including increased property value.


Gavin and his team felled a large tree that was close to our home. It was a pleasure to see this professional arborist at work with their methodical methods. Highly recommended.Katie A, Oswestry

Our boundary hedges on our private road were getting overgrown and dangerous for vehicles. Gavin Tree Specialists managed to advise us and complete the work at minimal effort, time and cost. No more complaints from delivery drivers, and it now looks stunning.Jason H, Oswestry

We had a large stump in the middle of our garden when we purchased it. Gavin quoted a very reasonable price to remove this tree stump and even reused the chipping for a new flower bed. Professional, kind mannered – I would not hesitate to use this tree surgeon again.Miles P, Glentworth

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