Tree Planting

Gavin has a National Diploma in landscape design technology and therefore has a vast amount of knowledge of tree and shrub planting. He has experience of planting large standard trees, woodland and hedges all to meet the relevant British Standard. Specialist advice is provided, tailored to meet your specific circumstances. Trees and shrubs can also be lifted and moved to required locations; making use of existing plants and therefore saving money.

The Company encourages the planting of trees and we pride ourselves on planting expertly and efficiently. We will arrange and supply everything needed from start to finish.

Our experienced planting team will source the correct tree of any size, prepare the site, stake accordingly and finish with topsoil and mulch. We plant anything from whips to extra heavy standards, shrubs, and hedges.

We are experts in the planting field and always plant in accordance with British standards. We can advise on the best trees for your location, long-term environmental impact,  soil type, and space availability.